Ukrainian Sports Hall of Fame and Museum


As a point of the direction, the USHFM presented us with only a logo, asking us to design a site around the logo’s aesthetic. Agne Media used that aesthetic to create an authentic connection with the community of fans. Because of that connection, the tastefully positioned call to action to “Sponsor Now” on the home [...]

Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey


Reflecting on the mission to connect the UACCNJ with the local community, Agne Media chose colors and a design that radiates the warmth and cultural roots of the center. The menu clearly presents the value offer of the center, including an easy to read the calendar of events, services, and news about the center in [...]

Ukrainian Community Center of Irvington NJ


Celebrating the longevity of Ukrainian culture in New Jersey, the needed a site that married the important history of the center with the modern needs of those who use it. Agne Media designed a site that brings the idea of a community center into the 21st century, with an urbane design that reflects the [...]

JERSEY GATORS Parents Association


Agne Media gave the Jersey Gators Parents Association website a facelift, employing mobile device responsiveness, automating a dynamic registration form for swimmers, and designing a custom branded email template in the colors of the team. This new site design increased the efficiency of the registration process and group communication among the parents who support the [...]

NOWAR ART – Maria Nowak


The design of the site is in dialogue with the stylistic beauty of Nowak’s art. Different areas evoke the different feelings of her artwork. The homepage centers the focus on the art, allowing the majority of the window to be enveloped by Nowak’s work. The gold menu is bold grounded by brown accent, providing clear, [...]

Peter M. Lenchur, MD – cardiologist


Reflecting the modern, connected care that patients have come to expect from respected medical groups, Agne Media designed the website to provide easy access to information that addresses patients’ foremost concerns, e.g., easy access to accepted insurance, forms and documents, physician background and expertise, and information to help them understand their condition. The site extends [...]

SCOPE TRAVEL – the Ukraine Specialists


For more than 20 years, Otto Agne, owner of Agnemedia, has been Scope Travel's IT provider. He is our programmer, webmaster, site designer, who continuously updates our computer systems and programs. In addition, he coordinates with our computer staff in Ukraine. Always on call ( day, night, summer, or winter, and even on skis), [...]

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